We operate in the following areas:

 Digital Design

In defense and aerospace industries, there is often a need for high-speed digital designs for video and data processing applications. We have an in-depth understanding of this and you can leverage our expertise in areas like circuit design, signal integrity, transmission lines, electromagnetic interference (EMI), power delivery and differential signaling, and various Bus Standards like PCIe, PCIx, GBit Ethernet, USB 2.0/3.0, DDR2/3/4, and SATA.

Our experienced professionals can help you address issues related to signal integrity in the design and test stages by using a variety of advanced measurement and simulation tools.

Mixed Signal Design

We have undertaken challenging and complex projects related to analog and mixed signal, and have successfully helped companies address issues related to it. 

With strong domain knowledge, experienced mixed-signal designers at Aveonix use modern techniques and tools to manage critical circuit requirements.

Developing Apps for Android and iPhone

At Aveonix, we provide cost-effective services to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS. By partnering with us, you get access to the services of a reliable service provider who can provide high-quality app development services within a quick turnaround time, after clearly understanding your requirements.

With our ability to develop customized mobile apps, we could become your preferred mobile app development partner. Very few players in the market have the exposure to iOS simulators. However, when you work with us, you can be assured of high-quality service delivery, because we work on iOS SDK, and are well-versed with using iOS simulators.

Embedded Software Development

We have a rich experience working with companies in the space of embedded systems and in addition, we have strategic partnerships with companies that specialize in developing embedded software. Together, we can take care of middleware, firmware, test utilities (for automated testing), Board Support Package (BSP), and manual software. 

We are capable of conducting product testing for usability, functionality, compatibility and reliability, as well as re-engineering legacy systems, ensuring compliance with all regulatory processes.
Design for Manufacturability

We have worked on significant projects in the domain of Design for Manufacturability (DFM), which is a way of addressing product manufacturing issues early in the design cycle, in a proactive manner.

Network: IT Network Infrastructure Development

Aveonix has deep knowledge and expertise in setting up a cost-effective cloud-based network infrastructure using COTS hardware and software. We can create customized solutions for companies that have a requirement for the development of network software. 

Our experienced professionals have worked with technologies such as Windows Filtering Platform, Secure Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Microsoft Network Access Protection, and DirectAccess.

GNSS Tracking System

Aveonix has developed automotive-grade GPS-GPRS based Vehicle Tracking system using Quectel’s L80 and M95 chipsets.  We can have developed device driver, database tracking and Google map-based tracking software to provide complete tracking solutions to our clients. This system can operate in the range of 5V to 12V DC input and usually comes with GNSS Patch Antenna and body-mounted GPRS antenna in an IP67 compliance package. This has been successfully tested on many vehicles, and a variant of this will be installed on rental bicycles in Mysore.

A GNSS module supporting single frequency and multi-constellation has been developed to meet stringent JSS5555 and MIL-STD-461 qualification requirements on a 2x2-inch PCB using non-China components. Targeted for a ground-based defense application, this module supports GPS, GLONASS and GALLILEO with GAGAN and communicates to host system via RS232 or USB interface.This module supports both active and passive antennas and can be powered from 12V or 5V or 3.3V DC supply.

Intel Xeon Micro Server

Aveonix is developing Intel Xeon-based Micro Server for defense application. One of the main challenges is to fit the server grade Xeon SoC in VITA-74 form factor along with 32GB of DDR4 operating at 2400 MHz. This module is being designed to meet JSSS55555 Category L3 and MIL-STD-461E Qualification requirements. Conduction-based thermal management is planned for this module. 

Custom board management controller controls the SoC power states and clock throttling. None of the active components are of Chinese origin. This module works with 12V DC input. Aveonix is closely working with Intel and BIOS supplier to design a power and performance optimized system.